Behind the Lens

About Me

Nice to Meet You

Welcome to my online portfolio, I'm really happy you're here. 

People come to me because they've made some of the most meaningful choices of their lives and are feeling truly happy.

To love forever. To create life. 

So congratulations!!!

What I love most about wedding photography and family portraiture is that I'm creating evidence of truly awe-inspiring emotional truths and personal connections at a once-in-a-lifetime moment in your lives and family history.

These pictures will be cherished now and for generations to come. As much fun as this photography is for me, I also always feel honored to work with my clients. 

If you'd like to work with an upbeat, relaxed, and joyful photographer, I'm your guy. 

Every family session and wedding event is a one-of-a-kind experience for all involved and I approach every shoot inspired by that idea.

The beautiful conceit of a photograph is that it stops time, so we make pictures of things we want to last forever, that we won't tire of witnessing and being reminded of— laughter, jubilance, smallnesses, kisses and embraces, moments of connection with loved ones. And as much fun as I have anticipating and creating pictures with this in mind, I take the work you're entrusting me with pretty seriously, too.  

You have some ideas regarding what you want to see at the end of your photography session, and I'd love to hear them. I come with oodles of creative ideas of my own. Suffice to say, we're going to have a blast!

Whether you're engaged to be married, expecting a child (or two!), or you're looking to celebrate your family with a newborn or older child, I'd love to capture moments, expressions, and stories you and yours will cherish for years to come.

If you liked what you see here, please reach out to me via my contact pages and we'll get this party started.