Nice to Meet You!

Thank for you spending time looking at my photography. I hope we’ll get a chance to meet and capture some beautiful moments together!

My subjects tend to be in love. They're hiring me to create for them some cool evidence of their love in the form of pictures. "Show us from out there where you are what we're like here inside of these amazing feelings at this peak moment in our lives."

Right on!

It's a big part of who I am that I find expressions of love and the moments that surround them spellbinding and inspiring and uplifting. I experience this all the time in my life with Elina and Zachary, my wife and son, and I experience this when I'm working with children and families and engaged couples and, of course, at weddings. 

At a minimum, the professional you hire to take pictures of you should have a rock solid understanding of how to use their gear in all kinds of lighting conditions... and he or she should be psyched about taking pictures of people in Love. 

What I’m chasing as a photographer is to capture the essence of people's feelings during once-in-a-lifetime experiences, to show you your emotions, your energy, and your truth, and do so in a way that squares with reality but is also artistic. 

If you like the balance I'm trying to strike, a balance between creativity and honesty, between imagination and representation, between authenticity and beauty, and if you like the spirit of my pictures, then I can't wait to speak with you! 

I am honored to create pictures of singular moments in people’s lives. With that purpose in mind, I like to think of myself as a helpful romantic, a useful humanist. Creating images that reflect the truth and transcendence of peak experiences is my privilege, my professional responsibility, and my joy.

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