Family Collections

We create custom collections for each of our clients

Parents have different ideas about what they'd like to do with their family pictures. What do you have in mind?

Are you looking to make an album for yourselves or as grandparent's gift, stream your photos to your tv? Would you like to create a wall of family photos in your home? I'm happy to create and deliver a highly personal collection of pictures from your family session.

Reach out to me via the contact form or ring me at 917-834-8169 and we'll get this conversation started!

family lifestyle sessions

start at $550

1.5 hours of photography
on-location or in your home
best for up to 6 people
includes 15 high res images

full gallery digital images, print,
wall art and album packages available

mini lifestyle sessions

starts at $380

1 hour of photography
in your home or on location
best for up to 4 people

includes 10 high res images

full gallery digital images, print, 
wall art and album packages available

Family Lifestyle Sessions, Frequently Asked Questions

How do you approach family sessions with children?

My emphasis is always on capturing natural moments you're sharing with your family. To me, such moments are the ingredients for "perfect" pictures. The feelings you're expressing will be just as genuine if you're sharing them after I've set you up in a place with excellent light and helped position you. In this way it's possible to compose pictures of you that preserve a candid, spontaneous vibe.

I try to minimize the camera-awareness of my subjects. You'll know I'm there, I'll give you easy direction for the sake of lighting or to help you look more connected, but I'll rarely ask you to look at the camera. I find it to be the case (and especially so over time), that pictures in which family are relating to one another have the most nostalgic resonance.

And one other thing: I generally like to meet with families before our sessions whenever it's feasible for us. I'm an affable guy, but it still helps both of us when our session comes around if we're greeting each other after gaining some familiarity and rapport.

How long are your sessions?

If we're going to get together to create pictures of your family, then we owe it to ourselves to spend enough time together to get into a groove.

If your child is under two-and-a-half years old, it's realistic to expect our session to last ~90 minutes. Diaper changes, feedings, soothing time to get through a cranky moment... little people need tender love and care.   

An average session with children three-years-old and older may run 90 minutes, but it probably won't need to. 

Do you have more than one child? Pets you want to include?

The key advantage of a longer session is that we have more time to relax into a rhythm and experiment (different locations, wardrobe changes) in ways that produce more varied pictures. Whatever the session length, we'll be able to create beautiful pictures together. Family sessions have many variables, so the best thing to do is to reach out to me and tell me a little about yourselves.

What should we bring to the session?

If our session is outside and is longer than 45 minutes, bring a blanket, a snack for your child (preferably something that runs zero risk of staining a child's skin or clothes with color), and it never hurts to have a wardrobe change on stand-by, just in case. Your child's favorite lovey(s) may come in handy, too.

What should we wear?

Don't deviate from your personal style. Always wear clothes that you like and reflect who you are. And while it's not necessary to be perfectly matched, everyone should either be all casual or all formal, staying in the same color palette. 

What is the session like?

A family session can take place outdoors or in your home. These sessions are meant to capture the way you would interact with your children if a photographer were not there.

Anything you can bring to engage in an activity with your child/ren would be great. Ideally it will be an activity that doesn't create too much space between you for too long. We can hash this out when we speak.

What happens if my children are all over the place?

I get it. There is always a degree of unpredictability with young children  but there are things we can do help make our session as relaxed and upbeat as possible.

Ideally, we're scheduling our session at a time when your family is well-fed, well-rested, and healthy. The ideal session time is right after a nap or a meal. Scheduling sessions outside after school can be great with young children if you want a lot of pictures of them in perpetual motion. You know your child best, though. Would they be tempermentally up for a session right after school if all they really want to do is get their wiggles out.

The other very important thing is for you not to feel like you need to direct your child to interact with me. So that means, you're off the hook about asking them to smile. Pick'em up and hurl them into the sky. Don't ask them to say cheese, take the smooch and tickle attack approach. Interact, laugh together, play games, be silly. Be together and the smiles will come.

Our time together is all about love, accepting your child on his/her terms. If your child runs off, that is perfectly fine. He/she will come back and pictures of kids running can be cool, too.

Do you offer specials on lifestyle sessions?

Yes, I do! It always makes sense to touch base with me via email or phone about my current specials. Also, if you follow my Facebook page, you can stay notified about upcoming promotional and seasonal offers.