Newborn Collections

We create custom collections for each of our clients

Parents have different ideas about what they'd like to do with their family pictures. What do you have in mind?

Are you looking to make an album for yourselves or as grandparent's gift, stream your photos to your tv? Would you like to create a wall of family photos in your home? I'm happy to create and deliver a highly personal collection of pictures from your family session.

Reach out to me via the contact form or ring me at 917-834-8169 and we'll get this conversation started!

maternity session


45 minutes—2 hours of photography at home, outside or a combination of both sessions may include mom alone, or with her partner and family

pre session consultations included

full gallery digital images, print,
wall art and album packages available

newborn session


1.5-3 hours of photography session of newborn alone or with family, session can be in your home, or a combination of home and outside

personal consultation prior to session

bump-to-baby session package, $800

custom high resolution images, print, wall art and album packages available

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where does the newborn session take place? 

It takes place in the comfort of your home. I'm a big believer in creating pictures in a context that will be meaningful to you over time. A sense of "home" is not possible in a studio setting, but studio-like shots are quite easy to reproduce in your home. So let's meet where you are.

2. What if the light in our home isn't great? 

As for the lighting, have no worries. I'll make use of the natural light available in your home, and if necessary I have a versatile off-camera lighting kit that enables me to get beautiful light in any situation.

3. What are your newborns sessions like? 

Sessions are relaxed, easy-going, upbeat, playful, humorous, and a little emotional. Nothing is going to be rushed, everything is going to be fine. 

I'll arrive a little bit early, because I'm always a little bit early, and take off my shoes and wash my hands first. Then I'll get myself situated, gear unpacked and set up. Unless your little is wide awake and being remarkably adorable, in which case I may grab my camera and dive right in. At some point I'll take a look around to evaluate the direction and quality of the natural light and portrait location possibilities. Soon we'll be making pictures together.

I'll give you a little bit of direction, but for the most part what I really want from you are moments of togetherness and joy that involve you and your spouse connecting with each other and with your newborn. You don't need to be told how to do 99% of the stuff that makes our pictures together great. 

I may clean up some surfaces and backgrounds here and there if I think it will help a shot. I may climb up on some of your sturdier furniture or hang out with your family on your bed for a bit.

Throughout I'll be soft-spoken and sweet, and you'll notice that I'm pretty happy because I completely love this work.

4. How long are your sessions? 

The average length is three hours. Personally, I set aside four hours based on stories I've heard from other professionals, and I don't charge clients more if the session is up to four hours long. 

The time passes briskly. I honestly can never believe that the three hours are already over, which is kind of a metaphor for the time-warping parenting experience. My son is six years old, and I remember his delivery like it was yesterday.

5. What should my baby and I wear?

Babies are cutest bare, swaddled, or in clothes that are simple, so that the attention is on your newborn. Parents should stick to flattering and comfortable clothes. I recommend simple, fitted and classic apparel that you're comfortable moving in, as I'll have you sitting, lying, and standing. 

6. How about backdrops, costumes, and props? Do you offer any?

A review of my photography will show that I don't use any backdrops, costumes, or props in my work. If you have a special blanket from family, we can certainly incorportate that into the shoot. I also tend to think that a newborn's features are by definition the only special effects we need (ie, I wouldn't want to use anything that distracts from the inherent awesomeness of your newborn's physical traits).

7. I have another child/other children that will want my attention.

Of coure they do. They are in the first weeks of experiencing having a sibling and might be seeking your attention even more than usual. This is to be expected. I will never be sitting still, though. While your child may need some parent time, I would be with you and your newborn. I will also be engaging with your children.

I'm aiming for an authentic representation of the emotional life of your family at this amazing moment, so I'll be taking turns with all of you. 

8. If my newborn is behaving, um, like a newborn (lots of eating and sleeping, fits of crankiness). How exactly does this whole "creating beautiful pictures" thing work?

Here's the beautiful picture equation: Patience + exuberance + creativity x brand new parents in love with their little = beautiful pictures.

There's a little more to it, but trust me, these in-home sessions are relaxed, playful, and sweet affairs. There's nothing for you to worry about.

9. How many pictures will we see in our proof gallery?

I have never had a client say, "I wish there were more pictures." Suffice to say, you will see the fruit of our session, nothing more and nothing less.

On average, a 3 hour session results in 80-120 pictures. That said, I have heard of 4 hour sessions during which the newborn only stopped crying for 30 minutes.

10. If I want to sign up for a session with you, how should I go about it?

Fantastic, thank you, I can't wait to get started!

If you're so inclined, I recommend filling out my contact form. I've made it informative and fun for both of us. Or you may call me at (917) 834-8169. Either way, I'll be in touch within a day to listen to your ideas, answer your questions, describe my approach, and discuss scheduling details.

If you haven't brought your baby home yet, we'll use the due date as a scheduling starting point. I'll be in touch as the delivery approaches, and once your baby arrives we'll finalize our session time, aiming for that first week or two. 

If you have a scheduled induction or c-section, it's a little easier to schedule a date in advance.

There are incentives to schedule within the first two weeks of your baby's birth. Your baby will be more independent and easier to position. Also, you're less likely to see significant baby acne early on. Believe it or not, your child is growing very quickly and at one-month-old is going to look larger and rounder and more alert than during that precious first week or so.  

That said, there are no rules here. If you want to have a "newborn" shoot one month or two months into your new life as parents, that's fine by me. I'm happy to come to your home for a session any time at all.

Your child is a wonder of the universe. The love between you and your baby will be valid and awesome-looking in pictures whenever you decide to celebrate.

11. Why do you love Newborn portraiture?

I've self-selected for professional photography specialties that position me to create pictures of people invigorated by honest and irrepressible feelings of joy and love.

A new baby represents a magnificent, unparalleled, transformative moment in his or her parents' lives. The emotional content of a newborn shoot is delivered by the parents (and siblings, if they're old enough). I find that thrilling to document.

A "newborn session" really is a new family session, as I approach it. 

Of course I'm also excited to focus on the glorious smallness of newborns and their adorable features.

Truly everything about these sessions is life affirming. I will return from our time together to my family in a (more than usual) affectionate, sentimental frame of mind.

12. Do you offer newborn specials?

Yes, from time to time, I offer promotions. If you follow my Facebook page, you can stay notified about my current offers and seasonal specials.