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About Me

Nice to Meet You

People come to me to create artful evidence of choices and experiences that define their lives. Partnering with you to accomplish this goal is as exciting and fulfilling as making the pictures themselves. 

My passion for portraiture and event photography is reinvigorated by every couple and family I work with. 

If you like the energy and feeling of my pictures and if you'd like to partner with an upbeat, relaxed, and joyful photographer, I'm your guy. 

I love making pictures of things you want to last forever— laughter, jubilance, smallnesses, kisses and embraces, and moments of connection with loved ones. And as much fun as I have anticipating and creating pictures with this in mind, I take the work you're entrusting me with pretty seriously, too.

You're engaged to be married or expecting a child (or two!)? Or maybe you'd like a boudoir session? Perhaps it's been a while since your family was all together? I'm always excited to learn about your reasons for celebrating and about your priorities and preferences for the pictures I'll create, as well. 

During the pandemic, I'm scheduling outdoor sessions and maintaining a safe working distance. Reach out and we'll figure out a healthy and reasonable way of making amazing pictures together. 



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