Behind the Lens

About Me


In all of my portraiture work, I'm drawn to natural emotions and honest moments. Sometimes these arise spontaneously and other times I help people get there, and the result is the same either way— portraits you will recognize as authentic and moving.

I love working with couples, families, entrepreneurs, businesses, and not-for-profits to create visuals that truthfully convey who they are and what inspires them.

What we celebrate in pictures deepens our appreciation of the people and ideas we already value, awakens us to entirely new perspectives and opportunities, and even galvanizes us to pay attention and take action. 

Love is always present in my pictures because people come to me inspired by love. The desire to experience artful evidence of love is universal. For me, my love of creating visuals of people at peak moments in their lives motivates me everyday.

Making photography together can and should be collaborative and joyful. Once our intentions are clearly defined, I'll guide you through a creative experience that makes sense and feels great. 

If you’d be delighted to see yourself in the kinds of pictures I make and want to work with an upbeat and friendly professional, I would absolutely love to work with you.