Family Collections

Honest Emotions + Natural Moments 

The authentic energy and feeling of connection in my family photography is built on my partnership with Moms and Dads.

Making beautiful pictures of honest emotions in natural moments take preparation beyond powering up batteries and taking off the lens cap. 

I direct my Moms and Dads to commit to being present with your family. Our session is a real break from the rush and social media trends and upsetting headlines that beset all of us... a time to breathe... a moment to take nothing for granted about the people who mean the most to you. 

This is a time to wear your heart on your sleeve. Whisper to you child how you really feel about them, show affection and joy, and act on genuinely grateful, loving, affectionate, playful intention. You will unlock natural moments full of honest emotions, and I'll be there to capture artful evidence.   

My Lifestyle sessions place a premium on spontaneous portraiture. Your interactions with each other will be front and center, as these are the pictures that resonate the most over time. When I see opportunities for a more standard portrait, I'll request your attention. Otherwise, you are all about showing love to your family.

Experiencing Your Photography

Every family has a different idea of how they'd like to enjoy their photographs.

Would you enjoy a few prints, or a large piece of wall art, or perhaps a triptych on that wall that's begging for one? Maybe you'd love to turn the pages of bespoke book or album, custom designed by you or by me featuring your selection of pictures? Or perhaps you'd like some or all of the high resolution pictures from our session to do with as you like. If you have intentions like these in mind, please let me know before our session. 

There is no right or wrong approach, but in my decade-plus experience, printing really should be at the center of how you experience your pictures. I love my iPhone's pictures and social media is great for sharing in the moment, but iPhone's are lost, hard drives crash, and over time social media is a less convenient way to enjoy your photography. There is no substitute for holding a picture in your hand or see it on your wall or paging through a book full of memories.

Experiencing your photography can and should be similar to the way in which we made it. Take a break from life, from screens, from your normal routine, gather around a table or snuggle up in bed, cherish your photography and talk about what was going on in your lives when those pictures were made.   

All of your photography will be delivered in an online gallery from which you have access to the best professional print labs in the world to create physical versions of these pictures in any aspect ratio and using any media you would like.

We're happy to create a personalized collection for you.  


family lifestyle sessions


our regular "mini-session" is 45 minutes at $420, and includes 10 high resolution pictures of your choice from a gallery of approximately 60 pictures 

our newborn "mini-session" is 90 minutes at $650, and includes 10 high resolution pictures of your choice from a gallery of approximately 100 pictures

our most popular package is 60 minutes at $640, which includes 40 high resolution pictures of your choice from a gallery of approximately 80 pictures

digital pictures are available a la carte ($30/ea) and in collections of 30 images ($100 per 30)

please contact us to discuss which session length would make sense for your family

There’s nothing like printed pictures

Professional lab prints offering exceptional color fidelity are available at reasonable prices in virtually every possible size and aspect ratio, as well as on varieties of novel materials, such as canvas, acrylic, metal, and wood. 

Fully Customizable books and albums make it possible for you to enjoy your pictures untethered to digital devices.