Your photographs are lovely and capture the beauty and joy of the day! -Catlin

The pre-first look moments were my favorite! Your vision of having us stand in ways that we couldn't see each other but the camera could see us both of us built up the anticipation and emotions leading up to our first look. 

I'd heard horror stories of photos coming out poorly for couples where the bride and groom were a multiracial couple, either someone looking to pale or too dark in contrast. Just your style of listening and speaking made me feel comfortable enough to voice my concerns, and your explanation of lighting and your portfolio alleviated my concerns.

We were very pleased. Your photographs are lovely and capture the beauty and joy of the day! You were a great listener and really factored in what was important to us into your plan for the day and shots. We were also impressed with how much research you did to help prepare for the wedding day.

–Catlin and Mike


Thank you for taking such beautiful photographs. You and Steven are so talented and easy to work with. We appreciate the time, effort + hard work that went into capturing our special day.

–Carolyn + Adam


Adam, thanks so much for the wonderful Thanksgiving surprise! We love the pictures!

—Sarah + Brian


My favorite moments were the ones that just came naturally and were just really fun. You have a really great demeanor with your clients and make things light, yet effective. I would recommend you to a good friend... letting them know that you create beutiful photos and very importantly, are a genuinely warm-hearted person and a joy to work with!

–Lauren + Mike