Benjamin and the Riverside Park Cherry Blossoms

I was thrilled when nine-month-old Benjamin’s parents Megan and Peter contacted me to schedule an outdoor session this Spring.

They were excited about featuring Cherry Blossoms in our shoot and were open to meeting me anywhere this would be possible. I spent a day scouting for options. The Brooklyn Botanical Garden has an extraordinary display of cherry blossoms that everybody who cherishes these flowers should see… and the secret’s out. Central Park has some cherry blossoms, too, but I was looking for something novel, having recently shot several sessions there.

In under-appreciated Riverside Park there are Cherry Blossom trees planted between 95th and 120th streets. They transform this area of New York into something truly unique in a city of millions— a very accessible but never crowded spot rich with natural beauty. We had a lovely afternoon session and it felt like we were the only ones there.